10 Things DC Does That Marvel Would Never Do

DC has taken some chances with its movies that Marvel Studios would never take!

The Man of Steel. The Caped Crusader. The Amazing Amazon. Sure, Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America and Thor are each icons in the comic industry, but they can’t compare to this holy trinity of superheroes. DC’s finest: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and their allies and adversaries are a class unto themselves and with the DCEU, we get to see them in action. Sure, the Christopher Reeve films were classics and the Batman franchise from the late 80’s and 90’s was wildly entertaining. Now, however, special effects can bring the stories of DC’s characters to life like never before. Plus audiences are used to complex superhero stories in ways that they weren’t 20 years ago. Although the films in the DCEU have been met with mixed reviews, we’ve seen a lot of promise in the films so far and the future looks bright for the franchise.

What makes DC different? It’s the way they’ve jumped right into the mash up and how they’ve disregarded the pre-existing TV universe to forge their own path. It’s the iconic and simple musical themes and the anything-can-happen feel. It’s the powers-that-be in working on the creative direction of the franchise. It’s the treatment of its lead female character and the promise of some knockout villains. It’s the way the action is choreographed and, perhaps most importantly, it’s the feeling that anything can happen. Whether you prefer the Avengers or the Justice League, we’ll go through what makes DC the way it is and why it’s so different from Marvel.

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