Warner Bros.’ Kevin Tsujihara Apologizes in Memo Amid Misconduct Probe

Kevin Tsujihara, chairman and CEO of Warner Bros. Entertainment, is apologizing after Warners opened an investigation into his behavior.

Two days ago, The Hollywood Reporter posted a report on Tsujihara’s inappropriate conduct in attempting to advance a woman’s career after apparently starting a sexual relationship with her. Warner Bros. said it would investigate.

“I deeply regret that I have made mistakes in my personal life,” Tsujihara begins his memo Friday. “I also deeply regret that these personal actions have caused embarrassment to the company and to all of you.”

In the THR article, published March 6, texts between Tsujihara and actress Charlotte Kirk revealed that Tsujihara said that he would push for auditions for the actress. The actress ended up appearing in two Warner Bros. films: 2016’s How to Be Single and 2018’s Ocean’s 8. Tsujihara’s personal attorney stated at the time, “Mr. Tsujihara had no direct role in the hiring of this actress.”

In his memo, Tsujihara addresses the previous WarnerMedia probe that uncovered no evidence of misconduct and says, “Following these most recent news reports, the company will again work with a third-party law firm to review the situation, and I will cooperate fully with this investigation.”

The THR report and second investigation comes days after the studio head was given increased responsibilities by WarnerMedia that include purview over a new global kids and young adults business that is meant to bring together the family and animation efforts from across the company.

Tsujihara’s full statement is below.

(Excerpt) Read more in: The Hollywood Reporter


Warner Bros.’ Kevin Tsujihara Apologizes in Memo Amid Misconduct Probe

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