Sign a Royal Wedding Card in Hollywood

Picking out the absolutely perfect wedding card?

You’ll be haunting the card aisle for awhile, no doubt.

You want to find the perfect sentiment for the happy couple, the ultimate design that will fit the newlyweds’ shared aesthetics, a paper keepsake that is emotional but not too syrupy and very, very pretty.

So how in the world, or rather, in the Windsor Castle, can you possibly begin to select the ideal greeting for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, a pair that is, you may have heard, going to the chapel on Saturday, May 19?

No card aisle visit is required for this one, for the TCL Chinese Theatre has you covered.

The landmark, along with Britain’s Consul General Michael Howells, and a number of other dignitaries and officials, will visit the world-famous cinema’s world-famous forecourt to unveil a wedding card for the world-famous couple, one that can be signed by anyone who’d like to send Prince Harry and Meghan Markle the nicest of wishes.

Ms. Markle is an Angeleno, so perhaps she’ll recognize a few of the names of the locals wishing her well inside of what’s being described as a “giant” wedding card.

Sign a Royal Wedding Card in Hollywood

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