Warner Bros. Pictures finally answered the question of who would direct The Batman after the departure of Ben Affleck from the director’s chair last month today, with a very dry press release naming Matt Reeves to the job. Reeves was rumored as in talks for the job, then reportedly dropped out, and now he’s been officially announced.

That’s just the latest rollercoaster of emotions for DC Films fans eagerly awaiting The Batman, of course, after Ben Affleck pulled out of directing. Reports also hit that the screenplay Affleck co-wrote with DC Films co-head and DC Entertainment CCO and President Geoff Johns needed extensive work, and rumors dropped that Affleck may even want to get out of his contract and stop playing Batman altogether. That rumor hit in spite of his initial statement about leaving the director’s chair specifically to focus on the performance aspect and give his all to his acting job.

Of course, now we get a press release about Reeves’ directing job, and Affleck isn’t mentioned at all: no quote about the addition, not as the star, as the writer, nothing. That may lead some fans to worry that the rumors are true.

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Why Was Ben Affleck Not Mentioned In The Batman Director Announcement?

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