Watching Drew Barrymore Eat People Is Incredibly Entertaining

In Santa Clarita Diet, Drew Barrymore is your typical sitcom mom. Only she’s become a zombie and has an insatiable appetite for human flesh. It’s gross, but you can’t look away.

Drew Barrymore feasting on human bodies, as it turns out, is incredibly entertaining.

Such is the joy of Santa Clarita Diet, the new Netflix series in which Hollywood’s “Wildflower” herself plays a suburban mom dealing the best she can with her new life as a zombie, one step (and one meal of human flesh) at a time. The 10-episode first season is available on the streaming service Friday, Feb. 3, giving an added layer to the phrase “binge.”

It’s the kind of show born out of today’s #PeakTV climate, in which cult creators and insane ideas thrive thanks to the celebration of niche audience appeal and the rise of streaming outlets with big budgets and no content restrictions.

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Watching Drew Barrymore Eat People Is Incredibly Entertaining

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