Was Pretty Little Liars’ Big Twist Hiding on Troian Bellisario’s Twitter This Whole Time?

Was the Pretty Little Liars truth out there this whole time? The Freeform series ended its seven-season run with no fewer than a gazillion twists, the biggest being the identity of A.D., the Uber A. This is your one chance to turn back if you don’t want spoilers.

Uber A was none other than Alex Drake. Who’s Alex Drake? Why she’s Spencer’s (Troian Bellisario) twin sister who would replace Spencer that nobody knew she had, well, nobody except Bellisario and series creator I. Marlene King for a while. And maybe Twitter followers.

Bellisario’s Twitter bio reads: “Actor. Writer. Poet. Dancer. Rock and Roll Jesus. (sometimes I play this chick Spencer Hastings on this show Pretty Little Liars). But only sometimes.”

“But only sometimes.”

Well played Bellisario.

In an interview with Elle, Bellisario said she had known the twist since season five and keeping the secret has been “real rough.”

“But for a long time, people would ask, ‘Who’s A.D.?’ And I’d say, ‘It’s me!’ And everyone would just laugh. It’s kind of great when you have a secret that so few people—only me, Marlene, and a handful of others at that point—know. It means you can hide in plain sight,” she said.

The series finale of Pretty Little Liars broke records. As of now, it’s the most-tweeted episode of TV with 1.7 million tweets globally. Pretty Little Liars wrapped up with 1.4 million viewers in live + dame day and a .7 rating in the adults 18-49 demographic.

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