Once Upon a Time: Get One More Sweet Charming Moment in This ‘Lost’ Scene

When Once Upon a Time‘s David had the opportunity to make any wish using Aladdin’s lamp in the midseason finale, he opted not to undo the stubborn sleeping curse that was keeping him and true love Snow White from sharing any waking moments together. But why?

At the time, David (played by Josh Dallas) explained that given how wishes “come with a price” that is maddeningly unpredictable, he didn’t want to use his on anyone that he loves. But in this exclusive look at a deleted scene from Season 6, Episode 10, we get deeper insight into David’s decision.

Dallas and Goodwin, who are original cast members and are married in real life, will not be back as series regulars for the Season 7 “reset,” though the ABC drama’s creators have left the door open for guest-starring encores.

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