‘Twin Peaks’: What to Expect From The Next Two Episodes

[Warning: this story contains spoilers — or, more accurately, vague warnings — for episodes three and four of the new Twin Peaks.]

In its third and fourth hours of existence, David Lynch and Mark Frost’s Twin Peaks revival served up a heaping helping of garmonbozia, and some damn good coffee to boot.

Following the two-hour series premiere on Sunday (May 21), Showtime offered up the subsequent two hours of the new Twin Peaks on its on demand and streaming services, accelerating the story of Agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) and his doppelgänger — a man who may or may not be (but probably is; unless he isn’t?) Killer BOB, played by the late Frank Silva in the original series. If the first two hours were heavy on the surreal and light on the streamlined plot, then the next two episodes are… well, still heavy on the surreal, and still a few steps shy of streamlined, but loaded with a true sense of forward momentum in the plot.

Expect our full recap of “Part 3” and “Part 4” when the installments air on Showtime next Sunday (May 28). Until then, for those curious, let’s round up a little bit of what you can expect from the next two episodes of the new Twin Peaks. For what it’s worth, in his review of the series, THR critic Daniel Fienberg said that the Lynch revival is a hard thing to spoil; that it’s “a sensation that engulfs you and a journey you take, not a list of events that happen.” And he’s right. With that said, here’s a list of events that happen in the next two episodes — along with some other oddities, space and otherwise.

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‘Twin Peaks’: What to Expect From The Next Two Episodes

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