Trump’s Mika Brzezinski Tweets Leave Seth Meyers Speechless

All eyes were on Seth Meyers Thursday night to see how he would react to President Trump’s latest tweetstorm against his NBC colleague Mika Brzezinski. It was the first thing he brought up at the top of his Late Night monologue, reading the tweet aloud and introducing a brand new segment called “I Can’t.”

After a long pause, Meyers simply said, “I can’t,” and moved on. The pure meanness of Trump’s comments had left him speechless.

Later, during his “A Closer Look” segment on health care, Meyers returned to the tweets, calling them “vicious and cruel” and saying it was to be expected from an “old-school misogynist.” He repeated the last part of Trump’s tweet — “She was bleeding badly from a face-lift. I said no!” — before adding, “Said no to what? Your fucking meds?!”

After the show’s taping, Meyers told The Daily Beast that the speechless reaction came out of many conversations with his writers over the course of the day. If they read Trump’s tweets aloud, they thought it might come off as hurtful to Brzezinski. But if they hid what he had said, it could have been seen as too kind to Trump.

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Trump’s Mika Brzezinski Tweets Leave Seth Meyers Speechless

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