Two days before the public memorial for his mother Debbie Reynolds and his sister Carrie Fisher, Todd Fisher shared details about their final days.

He says he was emotionally prepared for the death of Reynolds when she died on Dec. 28, one day after the passing of his sister Carrie in December.

As he and Reynolds discussed the death of the Star Wars actress on the evening of Dec. 27, she told him, “‘I want to be with Carrie.”

In retrospect, he told Entertainment Tonight, she was “asking for permission” to do just that, going so far as to give him a refresher on how she wanted her estate handled.

Todd, 59, added that his mother made a last-minute change regarding her funeral plans.

“She no longer wanted to be cremated, she wanted to be buried with Carrie,” he revealed to ET. “Now she wanted the tomb idea that I had brought up long ago.”

At the time, she had vetoed his idea, saying she didn’t want to draw attention to herself. But after the loss of Carrie, she changed her mind.

“So we bought this great tomb over at Forest Lawn (cemetery),” he said. “She changed her mind that night.”

Reynolds died of a hemorrhagic stroke, or a ruptured blood vessel in her brain the next day,

He disputed news reports saying that his mother  “died of a broken heart,” he said, noting that she was at peace when she died.

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Todd Fisher: Dying Debbie Reynolds “Asked Permission’ To ‘Be With Carrie’

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