This Clever Student Rapped His Way To An Internship With Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon knows a thing or two about creating viral videos, so a Washington State University student decided to get the late night host’s attention by creating one of his own — in hopes of landing an internship with The Tonight Show.

Instead of sending in a standard application, Jake Sirianni applied with an impressive video of himself performing his own version of Blackalicious’ “Alphabet Aerobics” — a tune Daniel Radcliffe rapped for Fallon during a memorable October 2014 appearance on the show.

Sirianni, however, reworked the complicated lyrics to reflect his desire to intern for the Saturday Night Live vet.

“Johnny, Jay and Jimmy have come out with the hits. Would it be ever so hard to throw a Jake in the mix?” the student raps as an edited-in Fallon holds up the letter “J” in the background.

Turns out, Fallon’s team saw the video — and it worked!

The Tonight Show‘s official account tweeted to Sirianni on Wednesday, “We saw your video! Check out the show tonight.”

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