The Talk’s Aisha Tyler on Being in London During Latest Attack

The Talk

Aisha Tyler Reflects on Being in London During Latest Attack

“I was there. It’s such a tragic event… I was in a pub in a different part of town. And the news came out very fast… What I was struck by was the calmness and the organization and the sereneness of the British people. People were helping each other, people weren’t panicked, and obviously it’s a very frightening situation but immediately people started trying to help each other, trying to fight these guys off. And I was also struck by how incredibly effective the British law enforcement was… Don’t mess with the British people… I felt safe… I got up the next morning and people went back to life as usual. That’s what you do in the face of terror, you live your life. You do not live in fear.”

Airdate: 06/05/2017

Courtesy: CBS Televsision

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