The Talk -Sharon Osbourne on Mel B’s Divorce Drama

Sharon Osbourne on Mel B’s Divorce Drama; ‘It’s not just physical, it’s mental abuse too’

Sharon Osbourne opens up about Mel B’s divorce nightmare and reports of alleged abuse by her husband, Stephen Belafonte. “In the situation that she’s been in for 10 years it’s not just physical, it’s mental abuse too,” says Osbourne. She recalls her time working with Mel B on “The X Factor” just three years ago, “The final two days of ‘X factor’ she didn’t make the first day and she was in hospital. And it was reported in all the papers that said ‘allegedly’ she’d been beaten by her husband…and she came back for the final day and she had a black eye and bruising everywhere, but she made the final. This has been brewing and people talking for a very, very long time. You know what, she’s a good girl. She’s a great mother. She works her bum off.”

Courtesy: CBS Television

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