The Talk – Jamie Dornan Shocks Sharon Osbourne with a Surprise Visit

Jamie Dornan Shocks Sharon Osbourne with a Surprise Visit!

Jamie Dornan, star of the upcoming “Fifty Shades Darker” surprises the hosts of “The Talk,” especially a shocked Sharon Osbourne, who had just said “I’d pay Jamie to grab me” in response to his comments during a recent interview that he wouldn’t mind being grabbed by fans. Sharing a seat with Mrs. O., Jamie goes on to dish about the movie, sharing “the relationship expands and we learn a lot more about Christian, and why he is why he is… But actually the nicest part for me I think is that we see a softer side of him, we see him smile a little bit more, we see a more human aspect of him. He’s got quite a lot to smile about in this installment.”

Airdate: 02/01/2017

Courtesy: CBS Television

Category: Featured

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