Drugs & Mental Health: Carrie Fisher’s Daughter Speaks Out on Mother’s Cause of Death

Carrie Fisher’s autopsy report revealed she had a cocktail of drugs in her system, including heroin and cocaine, when she died. Her daughter, Billie Catherine Lourd, released an emotional statement about her mother’s struggles with addiction and mental health. On her statement, Sara Gilbert shares, “For her to say, my mom would want people to not be shamed of their problems with addiction, their problems with mental illness, is exactly the spirit of this issue and what I think Carrie’s legacy can carry froward; not to sit ashamed with problems… I think if people aren’t afraid to have them, they’re more likely to get help.” Guest co-host Howie Mandel adds, “We all need mental health and there isn’t an arena for us to get the same kind of mental health care that we get in physical helath and she was great. There is no stigma and it isn’t bad.”

Airdate: 06/20/2017

Courtesy: CBS Television

The Talk -Drugs & Mental Health

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