The Talk -Caitlyn Jenner Responds to Hosts Discussion About Gender Confirmation Surgery

Caitlyn Jenner visits “The Talk” and responds to a conversation the hosts had a few weeks ago about Jenner revealing in her new book that she had gender confirmation surgery. Jenner says, “I know you’re all allies…and it was meant as a joke, but sometimes it can be a teaching moment also.” Regarding speculation about surgery and other intimate topics, she says, “Just because you’re trans, it should be for the person to talk about it. If they want to share that information, let them share it…It’s not a joke, this is a very serious issue.” Sheryl Underwood says to Jenner, “Can I tell you, because I was curious, and I‘m gonna to ask you publicly on TV to forgive me if I hurt your feelings.” Caitlyn responds, “You didn’t hurt my feelings.”

Airdate: 05/10/2017

Courtesy: CBS Television

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