‘The Matrix’: Why Now Is the Right (And Wrong) Time For A Reboot

In many ways, the news that The Matrix is going to be rebooted for a new series of movies feels, if not overdue, then at least particularly timely.

In the 18 years since the release of the Wachowskis’ original, fashion may have moved on — no one really wants to dress like Neo today, thankfully — but, in many other ways, the real world today looks more like The Matrix than ever.

It goes far beyond the fact that Morpheus’ “red pill” speech has become adopted by popular culture (and, indeed, highjacked by the alt right), or suggestions that the Academy Awards “prove” that we’re living in a virtual simulation of reality, instead of the real thing. (Although the fact that both of those things can happen at all only goes to demonstrate the way in which Matrix thinking has infiltrated the mainstream.)

In the almost two decades since the first movie in the series was released, the basic concepts of The Matrixfranchise have only seemed to feel more and more appropriate for the times: A rebellion against authority from a group of underestimated figures who see reality for what it really is? That’s not just an old favorite when it comes to fiction, it’s the narrative that drove the electoral campaign of the current President of the United States (as far as his supporters see it, at least).

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‘The Matrix’: Why Now Is the Right (And Wrong) Time For A Reboot

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