The Cast Of ‘DodgeBall’ Is Back Together And They’re Looking For New Teammates

Fans may have never gotten a sequel to Rawson Marshall Thurber’s 2004 cult comedy hit DodgeBall, starring Vince Vaughn and Ben Stiller, so instead, here is the next best thing. In a partnership with the online charity auction organization Omaze, Vaughn and Stiller, along with their cast mates Christine Taylor and Justin Long, are reuniting for one final game — for charity, of course. Thankfully it looks like White Goodman is back in game shape after becoming morbidly obese the end of the film, whereas Peter LaFleur … seems like he’s actually seen better days?

Regardless, fans can enter on Omaze’s website to play on either Peter or White’s respective teams in the ultimate dodgeball showdown, proceeds of which will benefit The Stiller Foundation, which supports children around the world by providing them with educational opportunities. (Probably for the best that you leave the wrenches at home, however.) The whole thing will eventually be filmed for a web exclusive video.

More Details @ UPROXX

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