Steve Martin To Teach Comedy Class Online

Steve Martin has signed on to teach an online crash course in comedy, releasing a trailer for his upcoming series with the online education platform MasterClass.

The clip opens with Martin toying with the items on his on-set desk and cracking “I hope you’ve got your list of things you’ll need to take this course: Your marble apple and your stapler – very essential to learn comedy!” But he quickly dives into what comprises the core of comedy, promising his class that it won’t be about procuring headshots or an agent, but how to get good.

Per Martin, the classes will focus on his specific process, including performing, writing and editing. “Remember, you are a thought machine,” Martin says. “Everything you see, hear, experience is usable. Whatever makes you unique as a performer, do it, and know that there is room for you.”

More Details @ The Rolling Stone


Category: Showbiz News

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