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Shawn Levy, who directed the NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM movies, is now set to remake the 1984 sci-fi classic STARMAN.  The original John Carpenter film starred Jeff Bridges and Karen Allen.  The remake reportedly will once again follow an alien who takes the form of a young widow’s dead husband and asks her to drive him across the country.

After going through a painful break up, a woman meets what she thinks is her– perfect man. But as the sparks fly, she learns that he is a former cartel hit-man and their budding relationship is tested even further when her dream guy’s dark past comes back to haunt him.  Anna Kendrick stars in the action comedy MR. RIGHT.

Costarring Sam Rockwell and Tim Roth, MR. RIGHT opened 4.8.


BET Networks and its parent company Viacom have purchased the rights to SOUL TRAIN.  The deal unlocks more than a thousand episodes of the weekly music and dance show created by Don Cornelius that aired in syndication for thirty-five years before ending its run in 2006.  BET will air classic episodes of the variety series as it plans to strengthen original and music-related content.

DVD Tuesday – Oscar Isaac plays a homicidal drifter alongside Garrett Hedlund in the psychological thriller MOJAVE out 4.5 on BluRay and DVD.  And three decades after the defeat of the Galactic Empire, Harrison Ford returns with newcomer John Boyega in the massively successful STAR WARS EPISODE SEVEN: THE FORCE AWAKENS.

Also out 4.5 – a young woman struggles to move on with her life after the death of her husband who was an acclaimed folk singer .  Rebecca Hall and Jason Sudekus star in the comedy TUMBLEDOWN.


Steve Harvey and producer Mark Burnett, teaming up for a business competition series with ABC.  The currently untitled project will see rival entrepreneurs competitively pitch their ideas in front of a live studio audience.  After the audience votes, Harvey as host will dole out seed money to the winner.  The show, expected to premiere later this year.

It’s an action film unlike any other.  Told in a first-person perspective from the eyes of Henry, a silent man who’s been brought back from the dead with no memory of his previous life.  As he works to put the pieces together, he must rescue his wife while taking down a powerful warlord with an army of mercenaries.  Sharlto Copley plays the hero’s helpful friend in the adventure HARDCORE HENRY.

Costarring Tim Roth and Haley Bennett, HARDCORE HENRY opens 4.8.


Taye Diggs, set to host a new comedy game show for FOX.  With the working title YOU’RE BACK IN THE ROOM, the series is based on the hit U-K program of the same name where contestants work in teams to complete a variety of simple tasks after being hypnotized. Diggs currently stars in TNT’s ‘Murder in the First.’

She was a titan of industry, before being sent to prison for insider trading.  But when Michelle Darnell IS SET FREE …SHE’S ready to rebrand herself as America’s latest sweetheart. BUT not everyone she screwed over is THAT quick to forgive.  So she takes over a local Girl Scout troupe to TRY  and repair her image with the community.  Melissa McCarthy stars in the comedy THE BOSS.

Costarring Kristen Bell and Peter Dinklage, THE BOSS opens 4.8.


FREEFORM, the cable network that used to be known as ABC FAMILY, moving forward with its first comic book inspired series.  The group has ordered up Marvel’s CLOAK AND DAGGER.  The live-action production will focus on two teenagers from diverse backgrounds who fall in love…all while discovering they each have superpowers.

A successful investment banker who’s struggling to pull it together after losing his wife in a tragic car crash…is also writing a series of seemingly confessional letters which started as a complaint to a vending machine company. In the process he catches the attention of a customer service rep… and the two form an unlikely connection.  Jake Gyllenhaal stars in the dramedy DEMOLITION.

Costarring Naomi Watts, DEMOLITION opens 4.8.


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Showbiz Express Week of 4.4.16

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