‘Shaft’ Rides to Summer, ‘The Goldfinch’ Steals Awards Release in 2019

Samuel L. Jackson’s new take on “Shaft’ and an anticipated adaptation of “The Goldfinch” are both hitting theaters in the second half of 2019, Warner Bros. announced on Wednesday.

Jackson will star in an updated telling of the private investigator character, from the ’70s film that later became an icon of the blaxploitation movie genre, when WB’s New Line Cinema label releases it on June 19, 2019.

Netflix will finance half the project and exclusively stream the film outside the U.S., initial reports said. “black-ish” creator Kenya Barris is producing and co-writing the script, which sees Shaft’s straight-laced FBI agent son reluctantly pull in his renegade dad on a case.

A hotly anticipated adaptation of Donna Tartt’s runaway bestseller “The Goldfinch” will hit in the awards block a few months after “Shaft.” The project, which is said to be courting Ansel Elgort for the lead, will release on October 11, 2019.

It tells the story of Theodore Decker (Elgort), who survives a terrorist bombing at an art museum, and makes off with Fabritius’ famous painting “The Goldfinch.” Aneurin Barnard and Sarah Paulson also star, with John Crowley directing.

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‘Shaft’ Rides to Summer, ‘The Goldfinch’ Steals Awards Release in 2019

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