Seth Meyers: Trump’s ‘Time’ Cover Is the ‘Literal Definition of Fake News’

President Donald Trump’s mutual love affair with Fox News reached a whole new level this week, and Seth Meyers has taken notice.

“The Fox & Friends shower Trump with so much praise they’re starting to sound like the helicopter parents of a shitty private school kid,” the Late Night host said. “‘Our Donny would never collude with Russia, how dare you!’” he imagined them screaming.

“But even when they’re trying to protect Trump, he friends at Fox sometimes do more harm than good,” Meyers added, citing as an example a recent report from Sean Hannity that inadvertently reminded viewers about the “embarrassing rumors” concerning the president’s alleged activities with prostitutes in Moscow. “You are a terrible wingman!” he told Hannity.

Trump is “so obsessed with praise” from the media organizations he claims to despise, the host went on, that he actually hung a fake Time magazine cover of himself on the walls at his golf resorts. “That’s right, Donald Trump hung a fake Time magazine cover with his face on it in his private golf clubs,” Meyers said. “That is the literal definition of fake news.”

“This would be the saddest thing I’ve ever heard if it wasn’t the funniest thing I’ve ever heard,” he added. “Do you also get your presidential salary paid to you in giant novelty checks?”

Following the Washington Post’s report about the fake Time cover, Trump “tore a page out of the strongman playbook,” Meyers said, and went after the newspaper’s parent company Amazon, tweeting a threat about making them pay so-called “internet taxes.”

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Seth Meyers: Trump’s ‘Time’ Cover Is the ‘Literal Definition of Fake News’

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