Sean Spicer Wants to Take a Shot at ‘Saturday Night Live’

Sean Spicer wasn’t ready for the White House — and he isn’t ready for prime time.

The ex-White House Press Secretary reportedly wants a role on “Saturday Night Live” despite having blasted it in the past — saying that he found comedian Melissa McCarthy’s portrayal of him “mean” and “malicious.”

“He is asking people about getting on — it was his idea!” an insider told Us Weekly.

“He asked someone he knows that is close to a cast member to help him,” the insider shared with Us. “Yes, he criticized ‘SNL’ before, but he’s changed his tune. He wants to make a cameo!”

Spicer was certainly the butt of many jokes for several sketches this season — McCarthy took on a reoccurring character just so she could mock “Spicey.” She was nominated for an Emmy for her guest performance as host earlier this year.

However, the New York-native, whose labeled himself a “prankster,” was quick to insult the show as mainly “not funny…” — so who knows if Lorne Michaels will have him on.

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Melissa McCarthy as former Press Secretary Sean Spicer during the “Sean Spicer Press Conference” sketch in a February episode of Saturday Night Live.


“There’s a lot of it that was over the line. It wasn’t funny. It was stupid or silly or malicious,” he told Sean Hannity during a Fox News interview.

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Sean Spicer Wants to Take a Shot at ‘Saturday Night Live’

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