‘Saturday Night Live’ Review: Move Over, Evans/Pratt/Hemsworth, ‘Cause It’s Chris Pine Awareness Week

Chris Pine has done everything from romantic comedies to major franchises, but remains just shy of a household name. So, how did he do off-book? Can your mom correctly identify him in a lineup after last night? Signs point to yes!

Chris Pratt has lovable, puppy-dog hot guy cornered, Chris Evans is woke (and was recently deemed boyfriend-worthy by the likes of Jenny Slate), and Chris Hemsworth is Australian. But what’s Chris Pine’s thing? For obvious reasons, Pine has a cult following, but for non-devotees it can be difficult to get a read on him. That’s why last night was so important; He got to literally make the case for Chris Pine Awareness, and we were sold. The dude had a great time! He sang a lot. He danced a lot. He lip synced to Erika Jayne and grinded up on Vanessa Bayer. It’s unusual to see a first time host be so comfortable on stage, and Pine came across as relaxed and into it for 90 straight minutes.

Also, that monologue! In addition to showcasing Pine’s unexpected singing abilities and making ample use of Not That Chris props, it was NBC’s best use of “Uptown Girl” since the episode of “30 Rock” where Tracy and Liz used it to avoid being on Tracy’s reality show. His silly dance moves. Shooing the cast members offstage, the part where he sings his own name during the key change… It would be most likely to go viral, if the episode hadn’t only gotten better from there.

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