How the Porgs are Becoming the New Stars of ‘Star Wars’

Just in time for the holidays, the porgs are having their moment in the Ahch-To sun.

This week’s release of the latest “Last Jedi” trailer lets us hear just what a screaming space porg sounds like — as we see the furry critter riding in the Millennium Falcon with the “walking carpet” that is Chewbacca.

That briefest of teaser shots launched an armada of memes, and one of the most impressive responses mixes that porg peal.

Volpe Music has re-created John Williams’s triumphal “Star Wars” theme by making it sound as if the porgs are singing. The result seems to be the first Porg Symphony.

The porgs were also featured prominently in the kickoff to Tuesday’s “Late Show With Stephen Colbert.” In the comedic short, BB-8, the then-new mascot of a droid in 2015’s “The Force Awakens,” now wallows in its diminished resident cute Star Wars creation status, as REM’s “Everybody Hurts” cuts like a lightsaber.

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How the Porgs are Becoming the New Stars of ‘Star Wars’

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