With Diana of Themyscira set to make her solo film debut in theaters in less than a month, Warner Bros. and DC Films are ramping up their promotion of the Amazonian Warrior’s adventure.

After Wonder Woman’s glorious final trailer premiered last night during the MTV Movie & TV Awards last night, Warner Bros. Singapore released a new TV spot touting the character over fellow Trinity members Batman and Superman.

Wonder Woman will team with her allies once again later this year when Justice League releases in theaters, but for now she’ll receive the focus as she attempts to save humankind from the brink of disaster amid the Great War. Gal Gadot finally gets the spotlight in her own film as she goes against the God of War and his human crony Dr. Poison as they attempt to keep humans embroiled in bloody battle.

But Diana will have some help in the form of Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor and Lucy Davis’ Etta Candy, some of her most prominent allies in the comic books.

The new TV spot states, “Metropolis has Superman. Gotham has Batman. Now the world has Wonder Woman.”

Though a bit of fan backlash has started to mount as people complain about the lacking ad campaign promoting the new film, with less than a month the hype machine has began churning in full force. These new spots and trailers give a better look at the origin of Wonder Woman and what the movie will entail, teasing some epic moments without giving away the main plot points.

Hopefully the movie turns out to be the awesome adventure that Diana of Themyscira deserves.

Wonder Woman hits theaters June 2.

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New Wonder Woman Spot Champions The Heroine Over Superman & Batman

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