Netflix Renews ’13 Reasons Why’ for Second Season

The Netflix series “13 Reasons Why” has officially been picked up for a second season following its controversial debut.

Executive producer Selena Gomez announced the news on Instagram Sunday, sharing an eerie teaser with her 119 million followers.

“Their story isn’t over. Season 2 of #13ReasonsWhy is coming,” she wrote.

The buzzy teen drama based on Jay Asher’s 2007 book was released March 31 and quickly gained a legion of fans — and critics. The show follows Hannah Baker, a high school junior who commits suicide after recording a series of 13 tapes explaining her decision and placing the blame on various other students at her suburban high school.

Though the show garnered solid reviews from critics — it currently has an 85% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes — its graphic portrayal of Hannah’s death sparked outrage from parents and mental health experts who felt the show glamorized suicide, and feared it would inspire “copycat” acts.

In response, Netflix added a warning card at the beginning of episode one and additional trigger warnings for those who may be affected not only by its portrayal of suicide, but other violent acts such as rape and sexual assault. Numerous school districts have also warned parents and students about the series.

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Netflix Renews ’13 Reasons Why’ for Second Season

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