MSNBC’S Joy Reid Apologizes for Old Homophobic Blog Posts

MSNBC host Joy Reid has issued an apology for past comments she made in posts to her blog, The Reid Report, which have been criticized as homophobic.

According to Mediaite, the statements, which were posted between 2007 and 2009 — The Reid Report has been shut down for several years — speculate on the sexuality of then-Florida governor Charlie Crist, who Reid refers to as “Miss Charlie” several times throughout. The posts mock him for supposedly being a closeted gay man, including the conspiracy theory that Crist married his then-wife Carole Rome in order to further his chances of becoming John McCain’s running mate. Crist, at the time a conservative politician, was well-known for holding policy views against same-sex marriage, though he has since switched stances and political parties. Twitter user @Jamie_Maz was the first to call attention the posts after accessing them via an internet service.

“This note is my apology to all who are disappointed by the content of blogs I wrote a decade ago, for which my choice of words and tone have legitimately been criticized,” Reid said in a statement provided to Variety. “As a writer, I pride myself on a facility with language — an economy of words or at least some wisdom in the selection. However, that clearly has not always been the case.”

Reid continued that the posts were intended to call out Crist for his policy views, writing that his position on same-sex marriage “shared headlines with widely rumored reports that he was hiding his sexual orientation. Those reports were the subject of lots of scrutiny: by LGBTQ bloggers, writers and journalists, conservative blogs, a controversial documentary film called ‘Outrage,’ and even by the comedic writers at South Park.”

“My goal, in my own ham-handed way, was to call out his hypocrisy,” Reid continued. She also directly addressed Crist: “I deeply apologize to Congressman Crist, who was the target of my thoughtlessness. My critique of anti-LGBT positions he once held but has since abandoned was legitimate in my view. My means of critiquing were not.”

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MSNBC’S Joy Reid Apologizes for Old Homophobic Blog Posts

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