Modern Family’ Cast, Creator Hopeful About Show’s Future

With Modern Family contract negotiations ongoing and the future of the series in limbo, ABC still managed to trot out the show’s cast and creators for an Emmy FYC panel on Wednesday night. But at the event, no one seem too concerned about the status of the long-running comedy.

“I’m not worried about it,” said co-creator Steve Levitan of the ongoing contract negotiations. “I think we’re in good shape.”

If it’s up to Levitan, he’d want more than just one additional season though. “I’d like it go ten seasons. It seems like a nice, round number,” says the writer-producer, who spits showrunning duties with co-creator Christopher Lloyd. “But most importantly, I’d like to end strong. If that means ending it after nine, that’s ok. If it means ending it after ten, even better.”

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Modern Family’ Cast, Creator Hopeful About Show’s Future

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