LOL! Jimmy Kimmel Shares “Exclusive First Photo” of Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s Twins

Uh, say hello to the twins?

Jimmy Kimmel offered “double congratulations” to new parents Beyoncé and Jay Z on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! Monday. “Beyoncé was surrounded by her husband, a doctor, two nurses and a man blowing giant fan through her hair,” the late-night host joked, noting that the couple still hasn’t “confirmed the happy news officially.” It’s not an unusual move for the private pair, he said with a smirk: “No one knows what happened to the fourth member of Destiny’s Child!”

Via “sources,” Kimmel said he “managed to get an exclusive first photo of the babies, of the children. I won’t tell you how and I should make you wait until the end of the show to see this, but I can’t wait anymore myself,” he said. “Here they are, the world’s most anticipated twins.”

The comedian then cut to an image of President Donald Trump‘s sons, Eric Trump and Donald Trump, Jr. and pretended they were the newborns. “Aw. You know what? They’re adorable,” Kimmel joked. “Oh, my goodness. Beautiful, beautiful children, especially the girl. She is a doll.”

In all seriousness, he told Beyoncé and Jay Z, “Congratulations!”

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