‘Logan’: Why Rated R Shouldn’t Be The Future Of Superhero Movies

If the short for Deadpool 2 running ahead of Logan demonstrates anything, it’s that mainstream superhero movies need to start laughing at themselves — and sooner, rather than later.The perceived wisdom from Deadpool‘s success — backed up by Logan‘s success — is that more superhero movies should be R-rated. However, the actual lesson might be something else entirely: instead of pushing the mainstream genre toward the adult rating, why not take the freedom that comes from that rating and try to re-approach the mainstream genre with that attitude?

It can’t have escaped many people’s notice that, for the most part, the mainstream of the superhero genre — Marvel’s movies, Warner Bros’ DC properties and Fox’s core X-Men series — are essentially of one piece tonally, with the only shifts being made over the last two decades being “Can we go more downbeat?” and “What if we had the superheroes fight each other?” (Compare 2008’s Iron Man to 2016’s Doctor Strange to see how little Marvel’s movies have evolved during that eight-year stretch; while DC’s movies are still finding their feet, Man of Steeland Batman v. Superman could be described as “Marvel, but darker.”)

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‘Logan’: Why Rated R Shouldn’t Be The Future Of Superhero Movies

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