He left and actor and returned a star.

Lion‘s Sunny Pawar returned to Mumbai Wednesday morning and was met with a massive party outside of his home. Pawar, 8, lives in Kalina, a slum of the city, but told the Daily Mail that he and his family have been treated like royalty since he returned from his lengthy award season.

“It’s been crazy. People have not stopped calling since we arrived home. We’ve not stopped to rest for one minute,” the adorable child star said.

“I love seeing my family get the respect they deserve. I would not have done any of this without their support. Nobody has treated us like we’re a poor family or live in a slum during this journey. I can only hope it continues and my family are treated well wherever they go.”

Pawar became an instant sensation at the start of award season, capturing the hearts with his beaming smile and excitement for Hollywood. Because he’s so young, Pawar found a friend and mentor in Dev Patel, his Lion co-star. Together, they became an unbeatable pair.

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Lion’s Sunny Pawar Returns Home To India And The Photos Are Too Cute For Words

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