Lindsay Lohan Wants a Big-Screen ‘Mean Girls’ Sequel Even More Than You

We have “Mean Girls” the musical, and now Lindsay Lohan wants a big-screen sequel.

The star was in New York City on Wednesday for the Daily Mail’s holiday party, and she had lots to say on the red carpet about wanting a theater follow-up to the now-legendary 2004 film.
“‘Mean Girls 2,’ the movie, this is the importance,” Lohan told E! “We need Rachel McAdams! We need the whole cast back!”

As far as sequels go, Lohan is definitely “game” for a Mean Girls reunion.

“I’m here in New York, so Tina Fey better be hiding or I’m going to find her and Lorne Michaels. I know where his desk is,” she joked, adding that she’s “trying” to get something in the works.

It’s not like Fey hasn’t considered it.
But she didn’t sound too enthusiastic about the possibility last year, when Howard Stern asked her about it during an interview.
“I don’t know,” Fey said. “Sometimes it’s OK (to not make a sequel), right?”
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