Introducing ET’s special celebrity correspondent, Kristen Bell! The 36-year-old actress was the perfect person to interview her husband, Dax Shepard, about their new movie, CHIPS, which Shepard wrote and directed.

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“Remind me of your name again?” Bell quipped, addressing her husband of three years.

“Mike Shepard, stage name Dax Shepard,” the Parenthood star replied.

Bell went on to reveal that Shepard originally didn’t want her for the role of his ex-wife in the film. Of course, he had a very sweet reason for not thinking of her at first.

“You are on a cellular level likeable. It’s nauseating in fact. It’s hard to stand next to you,” Shepard insisted. “And this role that you took on is a terrible, unlikeable jerk of a woman. And I obviously did not think of you for that. And then you read it and you said, ‘I will be playing this role.’ And I said, ‘You are the boss.’”

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Kristen Bell Interviews Dax Shepard Who Gushes Over Her

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