It looks as if Kelly Ripa got what she was looking for from her corporate bosses at Disney/ABC.  Respect. Yesterday when the co-host returned to ‘Live! with Kelly and Michael she told her audience she was absent for a couple of days to “gather her thoughts” regarding her partner Michael Strahan’s departure from the show as he heads over to ABC’s ‘Good Morning America.’ The problem was she found out about it, reportedly, just before she was going on the air last week.

What came out of all this appears to be two fold.  Yes, companies must make hard decisions as to the way they choose to present their product.  In this case, the product is a TV talk show.  But after 26 years with the company and riding the crest a very successful franchise with the co-host with whom she has great chemistry, a heads up was certainly in order.  After all Kelly, along with her staff and the company, must now return to the drawing boards to find the right partner to replace Michael.  It’s not an easy task.  It took quite some time to replace the legendary Regis Philbin when he left ‘Live!’

But the show went on to a new chapter, as it will now.   Kelly said she was thrilled for Michael who as we also learned will be going to ‘GMA’ much sooner than previously thought.

In the end, apologies, as Kelly said, were made and the parent company has assured her that her program is a priority.  It looks like most everyone is pleased, at least for right now.  In the final analysis, it will really be the viewer that decides and that’s why the search process will most likely take a while.  We’ll see. In the meantime get ready for the upcoming string of rent-a-hosts!


Kelly’s Back and For Right Now All is Well

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