Kelly Ripa WINS: Ryan Seacrest Joining “Live!” is a Blockbuster Move

Kelly Ripa is the smartest woman on TV for picking the smartest man on TV, Ryan Seacrest as her new co-host. If a show makes you smile to yourself during the full hour, then you know it works. It did. It works.

Seacrest has always been able to do that. He’s got that thing, the ability to make fun of someone and empathize with them at the same time. He can make people who are making fools of themselves feel good about themselves, which makes us viewers feel good about feeling bad for laughing at them.

Got it? Good.

Somehow, Seacrest seems like one of us even though he isn’t. Ditto Ripa, no matter how much bad press she got for mouthing off about being blindsided by Michael Strahan.

By the way? She was right. She refused to play the good TV wife, and stand by her cheatin’ man.

Anyway, Seacrest is a great new TV husband. He even managed on his first day at work — on the newly named, “Live with Kelly and Ryan” — to make it seem like getting the gig as Ripa’s co-host was the biggest opportunity of his life-even though he’s one of the most successful and richest men in show business.

More Details @ NY Daily News


Kelly Ripa WINS: Ryan Seacrest Joining “Live!” is a Blockbuster Move

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