Justin Bieber & Zayn Teaming Up For EPIC Collab?

Zayn has been releasing collaboration tracks left and right and rumor has it, his next possible partner in music is sure to blow every fangirl’s mind.
First it was Taylor Swift, then PartyNextDoor, and now word on the street is Justin Bieber is next in line to work with Zayn.
Something that was once just a fantasy for both Directioners and Beliebers alike is now kinda-sorta coming true. While it isn’t necessarily a collaboration between Justin and all of One Direction like fans had once hoped for, a musical partnership with the Biebs and Zayn is the next best thing, right?
According to The Sun’s source, two of the world’s biggest popstars have been in talks to get together for a little studio sesh. Be still our beating hearts. A source told outlet QUOTE, “Justin has been really complimentary of Zayn’s new music and there have been tentative discussions about them working on something together. They are in touch and chatting about all sorts and getting on like a house fire – Justin even retweeted a link to Zayn’s single on his Twitter, which he doesn’t just do for anyone. It would be a huge collaboration if it happened so watch this space.”

Source:  Clevvernews


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