Joss Whedon’s Batgirl Reportedly Based On New 52 Version

Warners Bros. and DC generated a ton of buzz yesterday when people learned Joss Whedon was near finalizing a deal to write, direct, and produce a Batgirl movie.

The creative coup would bring the Buffy creator to DC for his first film after a failed attempt at Wonder Woman years ago. Patty Jenkins is on the precipice of bringing the Amazon’s first big screen adventure into theaters, and Whedon has since helmed two wildly successful Avengers films for Marvel.

Though DC now seems committed to expanding their superhero universe to encompass the wider Bat Family of characters, some fans have wondered which version of the character would be featured in Whedon’s movie.

It will reportedly focus on Barbara Gordon—the New 52 version (written by Gail Simone), who returned under the cape and cowl after a brutal assault from the Joker featured in the pages of the Killing Joke comic by Alan Moore and Brian Bolland.

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Joss Whedon’s Batgirl Reportedly Based On New 52 Version

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