Jimmy Kimmel’s Son Undergoes Second Heart Surgery

Jimmy Kimmel’s 7-month-old son, whose heart condition has made the late-night host an unlikely player in American politics, had a successful second round of surgery on Monday.

ABC announced the surgery in a statement, and said he will take time off from “Jimmy Kimmel Live” to be with his family.

The baby, Billy Kimmel, had been scheduled to have the surgery in October, but it was postponed because colds in the Kimmel household made doctors wary.

While Kimmel spends the week with his family, “celebrity samaritans” handle hosting duties for one night each: Chris Pratt on Monday, followed by Tracee Ellis Ross, Neil Patrick Harris, and Melissa McCarthy.

Last May, Kimmel revealed his newborn son’s first open heart surgery at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles when he was 3 days old. That after a nurse at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center noticed the three-hour-old baby had a heart murmur and was slightly purple.

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