Jimmy Kimmel Cries As He Pays Tribute To The Late Don Rickles

News of Don Ricklesdeath hit Jimmy Kimmel especially hard.

After sharing his condolences via Twitter Thursday (as did his wife, Jimmy Kimmel Live!‘s co-head writer Molly McNearney), the 49-year-old host spent the first 12 minutes of his show honoring the late comedian. “This is not going to be our usual show tonight—and I’ll tell you right up front that I’m going to cry, probably a lot, which is embarrassing,” Kimmel said as he struggled to maintain his composure. “But, uh…Well, I’m not good with this sort of thing, and I’m sorry, especially to those of you who came here to see the show in person, because that’s probably not what you came for—but we lost someone that we and I love very much today.”

“Again, I’m sorry if you’re just hearing this for the first time today, but Don Rickles passed away this morning. He was 90 years old,” he told the studio audience. “I know it sounds crazy to say he was too young, but he was, because he was youthful and so funny and sharp and generous.”

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