They get it from their mama! While Jennifer Lopez clearly knows how to entertain, as it turns out, so do her kids Max & Emme! Stealing the show during their mom’s appearance on ‘The Ellen Show,’ the cuties may have been shy, but they were FULL of personality. Watch Max hide inside Ellen’s table box!

There’s no denying, Jennifer Lopez‘s, 47, 9-year-old twins Max and Emme Muñiz are adorable! But not only that, they also have quite the personalities. Making an appearance alongside their famous mom on the Apr. 24 episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Max and Emme really showed off their individuality and as it turns out, they’re kind of polar opposites!

After host Ellen DeGeneres, 59, asked Jennifer if her kids could come out and say hi, the twins were cheered on by the crowd as they walked on stage to J.Lo’s 2002 hit “Jenny From The Block.” And while Emme made a beeline for her mother’s lap, Max was more reluctant to join the party as he ducked behind Jen’s chair.

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“Max! Come say hi to everybody,” Jennifer told her son. Next turning her attention to Emme, the singer gushed, “Me and Emme got dressed alike today — she’s my mini-me.” Reluctantly, Max joined his sister and sat on J.Lo’s lap, but that didn’t last long! With an adorable frown on his face and his hands crossed over his chest, the youngster soon found himself occupied by Ellen’s box that’s disguised as a table. “You want to get in the box?” Ellen asked as she lifted the top off to let Max climb inside.

Once the 9-year-old was safely tucked away, the comedian joked, “Maybe you should get one of these at home.” “Yeah, to keep him nice and quiet. This is the quietest he’s been in nine years,” Jen responded. Meanwhile, Emme couldn’t help but giggle at her brother having the lid closed on him.

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Jennifer Lopez’s Twins, 9, Crash Her ‘Ellen’ Interview: Watch Max Hide From Host — So Cute

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