James Mangold On ‘How He Got Away With’ Making The R-Rated ‘Logan’

In 2013, James Mangold had a daunting task: to take the ruins of what’s considered one of the most maligned superhero movie made to date, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and make a sequel out that mess of a film. Mangold’s strategy was to pretty much forget the first film ever happened and go small, sending Logan (Hugh Jackman) to Japan in a superhero story that was a rarity: the world wasn’t at stake.

Even back then, Mangold was already teasing the fact he wanted to do an R-rated Wolverine story. This has been something a lot of filmmakers have talked about: taking an A-list superhero and putting them in a gritty, R-rated atmosphere. James Gunn kind of did this with Super, but those were original characters, not a Marvel property. Then 2015’s R-rated Deadpool came along, made a quarter of a billion dollars, and all of a sudden the idea of am R-rated Wolverine movie didn’t seem so far-fetched.

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James Mangold On ‘How He Got Away With’ Making The R-Rated ‘Logan’

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