James Corden Praises U.K. Spirit After London Attack

James Corden, the host of The Late Late Show, is impressed by the United Kingdom’s spirit after the attacks in London over the weekend.

In the opening monologue of his show, according to the BBC, Corden praised the “stoic British determination to let nothing or anybody stand in our way.” He continued: “I’m so proud to be broadcasting here from my home town… this is not a country that feels afraid,” he said.

Corden is hosting the show in London for three nights this week.

Later during the show, Nicole Kidman, one of Corden’s guests, said she “wanted to be here to support England and London right now,” according to the BBC.

You can read Corden’s full opening monologue below:

I’m so sad when I think about all the times that I’ve had to open our show talking about such atrocities. Trying to find the right words to say is impossible because there are none.

Some people might say it’s a strange time to do a variety show in this city. I couldn’t disagree more. A lot’s going to happen here in the next few days.

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James Corden Praises U.K. Spirit After London Attack

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