Is ‘The Good Fight’ Worth Adding Another Streaming Subscription? Afraid So.

One needn’t always perk up at the words “But wait, there’s more!” which is why it might have seemed, only nine months ago, as if we’d had our fill of the fictional Chicago law firms, courtrooms and political squabbles seen in seven seasons of Robert and Michelle King’s hit CBS drama “The Good Wife.” Even the most faithful watchers were ready to move on.

But what do we know? With remarkable turnaround, the Kings and their collaborators have delivered a spinoff drama, “The Good Fight,” which, in its first two episodes, proves to be a more-than-worthy successor, with the potential to surpass the original. That’s the good news.

The bad news (depending on how much you’re currently spending on your TV addiction) is that “The Good Fight” will only be available through CBS All Access, the network’s subscription streaming site that costs $5.99 a month — make that $9.99 if you want it commercial-free. Taking a page from the huckster handbook, the first taste is on the house: CBS will air a slightly edited version of the pilot episode Sunday night to lure you in, and the remaining nine episodes will be released weekly on the pay site.

That’s a little irksome, especially for those of us already paying for the privilege of watching CBS on cable or satellite. And yet consumers all but asked for this situation, first by demanding a-la-carte options from their cable providers (which never came to pass), and then, as Netflix and others revolutionized the streaming experience, cutting their cords with zeal. CBS is wise to elbow in on this action.

So, with that fine print out of the way, let’s get back to appraising “The Good Fight.” Set a year or so after “The Good Wife’s” slaptastic finale, we catch up with Diane Lockhart (Christine Baranski) at the top of her game. Her law firm, Lockhart Gardner, has merged with two other firms, creating a top-heavy mumbo-jumbo of partners. (Their names barely fit on the lobby wall.) Sensing it’s a good time to retire and get away from her displeasure at Donald Trump’s election win, Diane is shopping for a country villa in France while she works toward a settlement in her last case, representing the city in a police brutality case.

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Is ‘The Good Fight’ Worth Adding Another Streaming Subscription? Afraid So.

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