History Tells Us To Be Worried About Lady Gaga’s Halftime Act

Ever stub your toe and holler “Ow!” — before you actually know if it hurts?

That is what many have been conditioned to anticipate from the Super Bowl. Someone will make sure they go too far to exploit their biggest audience to make news and noise. It almost has become an obligation.

It could be a player. Seattle wide receiver and Stanford man Doug Baldwin “celebrated” a touchdown catch in the 2015 Super Bowl by miming his defecation of a football.

Naturally, Roger Goodell seized that to loudly and firmly deal with such vandalization of the game on its largest stage — the NFL quietly fined Baldwin $11,000, no suspension, no public censure.

Then there is the entertainment. At halftime of the 1993 game, Michael Jackson repeatedly grabbed his crotch while dancing and singing, though he did cut it out when singing “We Are the World” with a children’s choir.

The 2004 Super Bowl was scandalized by Justin Timberlake’s violent yank on Janet Jackson’s riveted, black-leather dominatrix outfit, causing her right breast to land in our onion dip.

Last year’s halftime starred Beyoncé and her troupe. They ambushed the country’s good senses with a salute to the Black Panthers, who randomly assassinated police — black, white and Hispanic — as an exercise in political sport.

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History Tells Us To Be Worried About Lady Gaga’s Halftime Act

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