‘GLOW’: Meet The Stars Behind Netflix’s Dazzling Line Of Female Wrestlers

Clad in sparkly spandex, neon color lipstick and with hair permed up to the heavens, Netflix’s newest series contribution GLOW gloriously thrusted into our lives in June 2017, plunging us into the bizarre and bonkers world of women’s wrestling.

Based on a true TV show (also originally titled GLOW and short for Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling), the delightful dramedy focuses on a group of struggling actresses who turn to wrestling to jump-start their flailing Hollywood careers — quite frankly, a move that is definitively more realistic than anything La La Land ever brought to the table.

However, while the premise of the show may appear wacky and wild, it’s the faces behind the purple eyeshadow and skin-tight leotards that really make the new  addition worth the binge. So, without any further hesitation, find out all about the real 2017 stars that succeed in making all of our ’80s neon dreams come true in the actress run-down below:

1. Alison Brie as Ruth ‘Zoya The Destroyer’ Wilder

'GLOW' [Credit: Netflix]


Who is her character? A struggling actress who joins GLOW when her desperation for employment gets too much.

Where do you know her from? Before Alison Brie was hopping from audition to audition in efforts to revamp her failed acting career in , she appeared in a slew of TV roles. Perhaps most notably, you’ll recognize her for playing Annie Edison in Community and Trudy Campbell in AMC’s Mad Men, giving her the prestigious and rare opportunity to be a regular on two hit shows at the same time.

Chatting about her breakout years, she recently spoke to The Guardian, saying:

“It was a very exciting time. They were my first two real jobs. To have them simultaneously was just incredible. AMC was just starting to do scripted television; ‘Mad Men’ was their first original series. And Community was part of NBC’s second heyday, where ‘The Office,’ ’30 Rock’ and ‘Parks and Recreation’ was the landscape we were working in. As an actress it was very fulfilling because the shows were so different.”

Alongside those parts, in 2017 alone, Brie was also the voice of Diane in BoJack Horseman, starred in James Franco’s The Disaster Artist, comedy romance The Little Hours and is currently filming Steven Spielberg’s upcoming government secrets drama The Papers. Girl’s got a lot of her plate.

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