Garth Brooks: ‘You are a Lucky Person’ to sit at Trisha Yearwood’s Thanksgiving Table

Country superstar Garth Brooks raved about his wife’s cooking as he looks forward to celebrating Thanksgiving this week, adding that he’s had to learn the difference between stuffing, which he was raised on, and dressing, which Trisha Yearwood makes herself.

“I was raised on stuffing so I thought that’s what it was. But she’s got this thing called dressing,” Brooks, 55, said on “Good Morning America” today. “Oh it’s not the same. You’re going to get smacked if you say it’s the same.”       

Mr. and Mrs. Yearwood, as Brooks endearingly calls himself and his wife, hold an annual “misfit” Thanksgiving at their home for people stuck in Nashville for the holiday.

“Mrs. Yearwood does ‘misfit’ Thanksgiving,” said Brooks, who just released a new book, “Garth Brooks: The Anthology Part 1.” “It’s people in our industry that are in that town for one reason, and they either don’t have a spouse or they’re stuck there because they’re working with us and can’t go home. So Mrs. Yearwood just opens up the house, and you are a lucky person if you sit at her table. Everything she makes is fantastic.”

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