‘Game of Thrones’: Who is Likely to Betray Their Queen or King

With only three weeks left to go, things are really heating up on “Game of Thrones.”

Last week’s thrilling episode saw Daenerys absolutely decimate the Lannister forces in her quest for the Iron Throne. But with the seven kingdoms on the line, loyalty is hard to find.

Whether it’s a blood-thirsty queen seeking allies and betraying others, or a new leader who will stop at nothing to win, it can be hard to follow through on one’s promise of support, especially with factors of the heart involved.

Here’s a look at which characters are most likely to turn their back on their king or queen.

1 – Tyrion Lannister

Tyrion and Jaime have always been close, and when Jaime charged at Daenerys, the queen’s hand muttered, “Flee, you idiot.”

Jaime’s future was left unclear at the end of last week’s episode (he was thrown into the water before being burned by the dragon). Tyrion still cares for his brother and if Daenerys ends up capturing Jaime on Sunday and threatens to take his life, that could cause hesitation on his part to follow in line.

Plus, Jaime let Tryion go when he was facing certain death, so will he repay the favor?

Furthermore, Tyrion will try his hardest to convince Jaime that Cersei, his sister and lover, doesn’t have his best interests at heart.

2 – Jaime Lannister

Which leads us to Jaime. Say Daenerys does capture Jaime and then offers to trade him to Cersei in exchange for something she values. What if Cersei denies the request?

That could be ammunition for Jaime to turn his back on his love and side with his brother.

Cersei already said she would reward Euron Greyjoy if he delivered revenge for her, which he did. That didn’t go over so well with Jaime, and furthermore, he now knows Tyrion did not kill his late son King Joffrey.

What if Cersei, given the chance to spare her brother’s life with this new information, said, “I don’t care, I want him dead anyway.” That might make Jaime think twice about who he spends his time with.

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