Game Of Thrones: The 50 Greatest Moments So Far

Ian McShane may think it’s just “tits and dragons,” but he’s wrong. Game Of Thrones is tits, redemption, mythology, violence, comedy, surprise, technical feats, magnificent design, acting prowess, smart writing, a story years in the telling, and dragons. Big, scaly, snorting, masterfully rendered dragons.

Did we mention the dragons?

Out of the 67 episodes that have aired so far, we’ve selected just 50 of this show’s greatest moments. By the time we reach the season eight finale, expect to see some changes:

Season one, episode eight

“The first sword of Braavos does not run.”

It’s a martial arts classic – the skilled retired master drawn into battle one last time to protect the young protegee – and this is a classic season one moment. When Lannister goldcloaks, led by the despicable Meryn Trant, attempt to kidnap Arya, “dancing” master Syrio allows her to escape. Fans loved the Braavosi sword so much that the theory he was actually Jaqen H’ghar in another borrowed face lived on for years. What do we say to the god of death? Not today.

Season three, episode five

“You all despise me. Kingslayer, Oathbreaker, the man without honor.”

This is the turning point for Jaime Lannister in Brienne’s eyes, and in those of the viewer. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau gives a powerful performance in this monologue telling the true story of how Jaime came to be known as the Kingslayer. He didn’t break his oath to protect the Mad King out of greed for power, but fear of carnage. In destroying his reputation, Jaime saved the people of King’s Landing from being burned alive by wildfire, and nobody would ever thank him for it. He still pushed Bran out of that window though, so…

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Game Of Thrones: The 50 Greatest Moments So Far

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