What’s stranger than playing a quiet space pirate and a highly voluble rodent at the same time? How about playing a quiet space pirate, a highly voluble rodent, and Kirk from Gilmore Girls? Those were the cumulatively bizarre trio of roles Sean Gunn spent the first half of last year portraying as he flew back and forth from the Atlanta production of superhero sequel Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 — in which he plays both the Ravager Kraglin and Rocket — to the Los Angeles shoot of Amy Sherman Palladino’s revived TV show, which debuted on Netflix in November. “It’s very trippy,” Gunn admitted when EW caught up with him on the Guardians Vol. 2 set. “Gilmore Girls and the first Guardians were the two most substantial jobs of my career. So, now, doing them both again simultaneously is very strange.”

Gunn is instantly recognizable as Kraglin, the First Mate of Michael Rooker’s blue-skinned Ravager leader Yondu, in the Guardians films. But it would take a keen eye to identify him as the man largely responsible for portraying Rocket. Gunn’s on-set line readings are later rerecorded by Bradley Cooper while his physical playing of the character is subsequently Rocket-ized via computer-generated visual effects jiggery-pokery. “I really serve two primary functions,” says Gunn. “First of all, I provide an actual living breathing actor for the other actors to work with, when they’re performing the scenes, so that they’re not talking to a blank space or hearing some monotone, disembodied voice. I also provide a visual reference for the VFX team, so when they’re animating the character, they have a reference for Rocket’s face and how he’s moving. If somebody walked on set, and watched me do it, you’d probably see me crouching down on my hands and knees, sitting in tight situations, and doing whatever I can to get my eyes to where Rocket’s eyes would be at any given moment during a take. From my perspective, I approach it the way I approach any role. For me, the input, as it were, is the same. But the output is different.”

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From Gilmore Girls to Guardians of the Galaxy: How Sean Gunn became a Marvel MVP

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